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My first NFT experience – The Matrix NFTs

I’ve known about NFTs for a while now however none have interested me so far because quite frankly I find the “art” style pretty ugly, also no real utility to any of them except for the bragging right of saying “yeah I own this picture of an ape worth $10k on the blockchain, deal with…

StrongBlock – nodes for any blockchain

Over the past few weeks since I started this blog I’ve actually been learning a lot about crypto and blockchain technology, funnily enough, thanks to SHIB. Even though I think SHIB is a good project we have to remember it was started as a meme, so the risk of it losing its momentum is very…

The future of $SHIB

I mentioned in my last post I would put more money into the shiba inu crypto coin and that’s exactly what I did. I now have a total of 37.3 million shib or roughly $1,000. After learning more about this token I can really see how it could have a bright future. Just today they…

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