Stairs – a Groundfloor product

There’s no referral link for this one, I just think it’s a great product.

Imagine if you could make a 4% return on the money sitting in your bank account, how great would that be? Well that’s basically what Stairs is, just straight up an app that gives you 4% return on your money. No more, no less, put your money in and withdraw any time. It’s like a savings account on steroids.

The only thing Stairs is missing is some sort of credit/debit card you could use in case you need your money urgently. I suppose at that point it would become a bank, but who knows, there’s plenty of other companies that have their own card and are not necessarily banks, like Venmo, Cashapp, and even Coinbase.

Regardless, with or without card, Stairs is a great savings tool that could greatly boost your saving goals.

I personally only have $1,000 in it at the moment, however once I start to get a steady paycheck from the Navy I plan on adding recurring payments of $100 each month. Perhaps if they come out with a card I will use it as a bank instead of the bank I have right now.

If you want to read more about Stairs and how exactly they’re able to provide a 4% return on your money you can read about it here:

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