Titan – next level investment firm

The stock market is a wild beast, if you don’t know what you’re doing you get eaten alive. That’s where Titan comes in, the experts at knowing what they’re doing. Titan has great returns compared to the competition, just this year they’re up 72%, even during a turbulent market they seem to perform well.

Titan does have a monthly fee, it’s $5 for accounts with less than $10,000 and 1% for accounts with $10,000 or more. However, looking at their returns their fees seem well justified.

I deposited $1,000 into Titan, $970 of which went into their flagship account, full of stocks which Titan believes will perform well, and the other $30 went into their cryptocurrency account.

Now I have to admit, I have not had the best start with Titan, as of writing this post I’m down $20 with their flagship account, however the market is in a pretty bad position right now and I’m planning for this to be a long-term investment so I’m not worried about it.

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