My first NFT experience – The Matrix NFTs

I’ve known about NFTs for a while now however none have interested me so far because quite frankly I find the “art” style pretty ugly, also no real utility to any of them except for the bragging right of saying “yeah I own this picture of an ape worth $10k on the blockchain, deal with it” Because of this NFTs have also gained a lot of backlash from mainstream media which I also agree with because most people seem to be using this technology to make a quick buck instead of having some purpose behind them.

However, when I heard about The Matrix NFTs there were a lot of things that interested me. First of all, these are sponsored by the official Warner Bros. company, so they’re the real deal, not made by a random person in their basement. Secondly, they’re actually 3D models, which means in theory, if an official matrix game is made in the future there is a very real possibility that these avatars could be imported into the game as skins. Lastly, they will have missions that NFT holders can partake in. The first mission will be picking a red pill or blue pill on December 16th, if you pick the red pill it will turn your normal looking avatar into a resistance fighter from The Matrix.

The only real complain I have was the launch, it was a complete disaster. The company in charge of the NFT drop, Nifty’s, was not prepared in the slightest for the amount of people that would show up to mint these NFTs. I personally didn’t expect that amount of people either, I was thinking maybe 10,000 people would show up at most, but nope, over 100,000 showed up for this thing on the first day and the website could not handle the traffic, even though they had a queue system that was supposed to negate the whole thing from crashing. I’m even surprised I got to mint mine because I was spot 55,000 in that queue and there were only a total of 100,000 NFTs that were going to be minted, with a limit of 5 per wallet, the previous limit was 25 but thankfully they decided to lower it down to 5 because of the extremely high demand.

Anyways, after hours and hours in the queue (2 whole days), which they had to pause multiple times just to fix their infrastructure, I eventually got my turn. It was $50 per mint, which is a relatively cheap price in the world of NFTs. I was originally only gonna buy 2, use the red pill on one and the blue pill on the other, however the demand was so crazy I decided to buy the 5 limit, a lot of them have already sold for $200-$500 in the aftermarket since all 100,000 of them are sold out and a lot of people didn’t get a chance to mint one, I believe on the second day there were 300,000+ people in the queue, that should give you an idea for the demand of these.

Not to mention this crazy demand is even before the new Matrix Resurrections movie is out yet. If that movie does well in the box office the demand for these NFTs could easily double or even quadruple. I didn’t even get in this to make money, I simply wanted to participate in a cool event because I’m personally a big fan of The Matrix franchise, however with the way things are looking this might have turned into a good investment opportunity, so let’s see what the future holds.

This is my collection:

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